Classic Trophies & Modern Awards

Sep 26, 2021 Blog

Our life is a constant overcoming of difficulties and achievement of results in some sphere of activity. We are constantly striving to prove to someone or ourselves that we are worth something and are not just trampling the earth in this world.

For some to be first in their field – a necessity, because his salary may depend on it, but for others, to take the prize has become a thrill and the need to get another dose of adrenaline for the victory. We are constantly tempering responsibility, strength of mind and cultivating the skills of a true leader, to overcome your weaknesses and fears and go to the implementation of dreams. 

Excellence in word or deed?

No one will believe a man who talks about the incredible successes in his life. As proof of his words are used to all known evidence: diplomas, cups and medals. They emphasize the truth of our statements, because we often hear in our address the popular phrase: How can you prove it?

If you need award products, the official website will help you with this. We believe that a man who works hard in his life, tirelessly to achieve certain results, whether in sports or in a simple literary circle, should receive certificates of merit, or it may be a memorable badge award. 

Store trophy awards offers the following products:

  • key chains with laser engraving;
  • unique prize cups;
  • ribbons for medals;
  • cases for medals;
  • figurines.

Cup as an alternative to paper

There are several categories of cups. They differ from each other by manufacturing technology, appearance and used material. For projects with a large budget, cups made of metal are ideal. This gift attribute emphasizes the importance of the event and it looks more expensive and presentable. Compared with other cups, their cost is much higher, and it is not an inflated price, because their production takes a lot of time and uses special machines. 

Statuettes instead of cups

They are smaller in size, but have a rather unique appearance. Thanks to the complex geometry and the presence of many additional decorative elements, such a prize is not ashamed to put at home. With their assortment you can get acquainted in a special section on sites with such products.

Medals, as a complement to the award

For low-budget events, it is sufficient to use a medal and enshrine it in a commendation. If it will not hang on the wall, the medal will definitely find its place there. Some people even make special stands to display everything they earned at competitions. No matter what material they are made of, because collecting medals is also a sport. It’s exciting and one gets a thrill to take prizes as often as possible to get more of them. 

Is it worth it to buy the gift items?

In our lives we do not have a lot of happy events and we want to live it to the fullest, so then do not regret anything, and to have something to tell your grandchildren. If you are an organizer of competitions, you should be well aware that the gift attribute should be memorable, unique, have an idea and emphasize the importance of your event.

You do not want a cup? Then you can get it engraved on the glass and it will look even more creative. Everyone has statuettes, and you have prizes made of durable glass with a beautiful inscription in the style of Hi-Tech. On a specialized site you can find a lot of these awards with different award winning descriptions, and they visually look much better than other gift attributes. This really is not only no shame to put up as a prize, but their premium appearance will emphasize the status of your event. 

Who might be interested 

If you are an organizer of competitions, festivals, contests, you should definitely have a look at service awards! Here you can always find a variety of products at low prices in wholesale and retail.

  • Award cups with engraving or special plaque. On the base of the cup specialists will put any beautiful individual inscription. You can order any size and any budget.
  • Medals of award, different sizes, metal, wood, glass, acrylic. Standard and individual. Lastly, you can order almost at the price of standard, but these awards will not have any more no one. By them you can order individual ribbons for medals of any color, with any pattern.
  • Statuettes on different subjects, different sports and activities. Of plastic, metal, ceramic and plaster. Different sizes and colors. You can find any award winning trophy desing.
  • Award Diplomas – A great variety of individual diplomas made of wood, acrylic and of course the traditional paper diplomas, even in the form of awarding award winners. These awards can be given not only at competitions, but also presented on birthdays, to celebrate the excellent employees and even just to do as a decor in the office.
  • Badges – you can find such products of all sizes and materials.